24 Jun Download the ancient text: The Avadhoota Gita as pdf. The Avadhoota Gita is writen by Sage Dattatreya. This Hindu text might be around HE Avadhuta Gita is attributed to the sage Dattatreya, who spontaneously sang it after purifying himself in meditation and becoming absorbed in the. Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya [Dattatreya, Swami Ashokananda] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the purest statements of the.

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Avadhuta Gita – Wikipedia

The Absolute cannot be described in terms of conditions; how can I speak of my Self? In whatever place and in whatever state the yogi dies, his spirit is absorbed into That, as, on the destruction of the jar, the space in the jar is united with absolute space. The Avadhut who has realised this mystery of all mysteries, and has risen to the state of unceasing and perfect bliss, moves about in the crowds unconcerned, radiating bliss and higher knowledge.

Neither formless nor with form, described in the scriptures as “neither this, nor that”, free from separation and unity, the true Self reigns supreme.

Avadhuta Gita with English Translation

The cause of imagination too is absent in me. How can it be said that the Self is limited?

All forms, understand, are only temporary manifestations; The formless Essence eternally exists. He bears patiently heat and cold, seeing the one Self enlightening all bodies. Like the full moon is the Self. Woe to them that give up this knowledge of the wisdom of the Self, which in itself constitutes eternal freedom and joy throughout all worlds, and turn to the realms of limited pleasure and of ignorance.

Deceit and hypocrisy, truth and untruth have no place in me. The cause and effect that produce conditions do not exist in Self. Having given up all activity of the mind, he is in his normal state of indescribable bliss.

You’re the unmoving Unity; you’re boundless Freedom. Three bodies Five sheaths Chakra Nadi. I am perpetual immutability. This I know, without any avadohota. All is my Self. Y ou can’t be heard, or smelled, or tasted; You can’t be seen, or sensed by touch. The true nature of the mind is bliss, and when the mind is stilled, bliss Absolute is revealed.

Why then do you cry, my mind? Neither the cause nor the effect exists in avavhoota. In your Heart there is no meditator, there is no state of Self-absorption, nor is there any possibility of meditation on the Self. Self is free from all differentiations. How can the intellect, which operates only in duality, and which is perishable, discern It? Neither the doer nor the enjoyer of the fruits of action gitw I.

I am without beginning and without end. Do not cry, mind, all is Reality. Eternal peace, space-like Transcendental peace am I. The avadhota is both the subject and the supreme object of meditation; How can you see two in That which is one? I have no colours, white or yellow; eternal Reality am I.

Avadhuta Gita

Reality alone is perfection, taintless, all knowledge. I know the nature of the one supreme Being; Like space, It extends everywhere.

Endless is my nature, nothing else exists. Know well that all the senses are as space, and so also their objects.

Good and evil are in the mind, and not in you.