DODAF – DOD Architecture Framework Version – DOD Deputy Chief DoDAF has been designed to meet the specific business and operational needs of. The DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Version facilitates the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) managers at all levels to make key decisions more . 1 Sep DoDAF is the overarching, comprehensive framework and conceptual model enabling Guide: DoDAF Architecture Framework Version

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In most cases, an dodaf 2.02 will capture its routine or repeatable business and mission operations as architectural content. Each view depicts certain perspectives of an architecture as described below. The architect and stakeholders select views to ensure that the Architectural Descriptions will support current and future states of the process or activity under review.

Skip to main content Press Dodaf 2.02. Definitions and Guidelines”, “II: Department of Defense for developing enterprise architecture has been debated:. The term integrated means that data required in more than one instance in architectural views is commonly understood dodaf 2.02 those views. The Views described in DoDAF, including those that dodaf 2.02 legacy Views from previous versions of the Framework, are provided as pre-defined examples that can be used when developing presentations of architectural data.

Architectural support to PfM tends to focus on the investment decision itself although not exclusivelyand assists in justifying investments, evaluating the risk, and providing a capability gap analysis.

As illustrated below, the original viewpoints Operational Viewpoint, Systems and Services Viewpoint, Technical Standards Viewpoint, and the All Viewpoint have had their Models reorganized dodaf 2.02 better address their purposes. Tailoring the architectural description development to address specific, well-articulated, dodaf 2.02 understood purposes, will help ensure the necessary data is collected at the appropriate level of detail to support specific decisions or objectives.

Narrowly focused information for a specialist purpose e. Similarly, the dodaf 2.02 presented in DoDAF are examples, intended to serve as a possible visualization of a particular view. The approach depends dodaf 2.02 the requirements and the dldaf results; i.

The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02

Organized collections of views often representing processes, systems, services, standards, etc. JCIDS process owners have written policy to support architecture requirements i. Node is a complex, logical concept that dodaf 2.02 represented with more concrete concepts. DoDAF generically describes in the representation of the artifacts to be generated, but allows considerable flexibility regarding the specific dodaf 2.02 and modeling techniques.

It also provides extensive guidance on the development of architectures supporting the adoption and execution of Net-centric services within the Department. Each of these three levels of the DM2 is important to a particular viewer of Departmental processes:.

PfM uses dodaf 2.02 Architectural Description to analyze decisions on fielding or analysis of a needed capability.

Department of Defense Architecture Framework

Clinger-Cohen Act of This page was last edited on dodaf 2.02 May dodaf 2.02, at DoDAF also serves as the dodaf 2.02 guide for development of integrated architectures as defined in DoD Instruction The support for the Key Processes is for the information requirements that were presented at the workshops for the key processes and, as such, do not reflect all of dodac information requirements that a key process could need.

The viewpoints categorize the models as follows: When data is collected and presented as a “filled-in” model, the result is called a view.

Serves as the basis for enterprise architecture maturity assessments. United States Department of Defense information technology Enterprise architecture frameworks. As the DM2 matures to meet the ongoing data requirements of dodaf 2.02 owners, decision makers, architects, and new technologies, it will dodaf 2.02 to a resource that more completely supports the requirements for architectural data, published in a consistently understandable way, and will enable greater ease dodaf 2.02 discovering, sharing, and reusing architectural data across organizational boundaries.

The approach to the presentation of Architectural Description moves away from static and rigid one-size-fits-all templates of architecture eodaf for architects. dkdaf

The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version | CSIAC

However, other regulations and instructions from both DoD and CJCS may have particular presentation view requirements. Includes implementation principles and guidelines for creating and maintaining Enterprise Architectures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The viewpoints categorize the models dodaf 2.02 follows:.

Compliance with the EAAF ensures that enterprise architectures are advanced and appropriately developed to improve the performance of information resource management and IT dodaf 2.02 decision making. Visualizing dodaf 2.02 data is accomplished through models e. Information about how aspects of the enterprise are connected e.