7 Jul 1. What is EJB? A server-side component, which manages the architecture for constricting enterprise applications and managed is called. 8 Mar 10 EJB Interview Questions and Answer from my collection of interview questions . I have been sharing interview questions on various topics. 28 Sep Interview question and answers on Java and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). Good resource to test your skills and knowledge. If you have any.

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The restrictions are used to limit the use of the user and to allow the functions to be more secure. This way the session can be thread safe and instance variables can be used. PostPersist – method is ejb3 interview questions and answers after an entity is created in database. It allows the server to pass the test and brand themselves.

Durablity means that all the data changes that made intevriew the transaction must be written in some type of physical storage before the transaction is successfully completed. The container can remove an instance ejb3 interview questions and answers the pool by calling the unsetEntityContext method on the instance. October 1, at 9: A persistent EJB component saves its state to some type of persistent storage usually a file or a database.

Interview question and answers on Java and EJB 3

The beans are of no use outside the EJB container as the purpose of the EJB container is to provide the services like transaction, security, etc. For example, a father can have multiple kids. What is difference between EJB 1. Another advantage of j2EE server is the ease with ejb3 interview questions and answers you can deploy both components types as part of one enterprise solution.

What is the difference between EJB and Java beans? Generate new Copy the numbers and letters from the security image. EJB Container calls these callbacks. Web, Desktop and mobile. Any changes made by the ejb3 interview questions and answers will be seen by the client and vice versa.

Transaction is group of operation or work which should be performed either completely or none to maintain the data integrity. Public abstract void ejbActivate ; public abstract void setSessionContext SessionContext ctx ; public abstract void ejbPassivate.

Top 10 EJB Interview Question and Answer asked in Java J2EE Interviews

This happens ejb3 interview questions and answers the creation of a new instance Class. This is another tough Java question on EJB interview. Durable – Transaction should survive system failure if it has been executed or committed. The Container manages the persistence of the bean. A handle is intended to be used ejb3 interview questions and answers a “robust” persistent reference to an EJB object.

EJB can be made to handle multiple transactions by enabling multiple Entity beans to handle every database and one Session Bean to retain transaction with the Entity Bean. With persistence, an EJB component does not have to be re-created with each use. A persistent field is returned by the select method of an entity bean that is related.

When you will chose Stateful session bean and Stateless session bean stateful session bean is used when we need to maintain the client state.

Integview with EJB 3. In Bean Managed Transactions, Transactions can be managed by handling exceptions at application ejb3 interview questions and answers. In other words, if one enterprise bean is always associated ejb3 interview questions and answers another, it is perfectly appropriate to co-locate them i.

If you have not used two phase commit or distributed transaction along with EJB then you need to explore this topic in detail to answer this EJB interview question. Transaation must be allowed to run itselft without the interference of the other process or transactions. The services are used of JMS Java Message service that allow the message queue to be created and a configuration files is being created using the MessageDriven syntax.

No you can not run EJB in web server like Tomcat.

It includes some static fields that are used at run time. Entity – A persistent object representing the data-store record. Two types of entity bean: You mainly use that in managing transaction at enterprise level.

A stateless bean is a class that is lived for short span. It is less resource intensive as compared to entity beans.