Enagic HK Co., Ltd. Distributor Handbook. Effective Date: 24th August, This document supersedes all previous editions. (For Hong Kong Territory Asia and. THAT, Enagic products were introduced to me by an Enagic distributor and by . Handbook shall apply and shall be incorporated herein for reference. THAT. Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (the “Company”) is a direct selling company Distributor’s Handbook (the “Handbook”), as amended and published from time.

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This prohibition includes but is enaagic limited to, print, audio or video media. If Card limit is low please contact your Bank to increase Card Pay limit.

This is not distributo anti-Enagic article, but a document of simple clarification to debunk a number of myths. That application will not be processed because we only allow one person as the applicant, with one signature on the documents, bank statement, and one copy of Identity Card and PAN Personal Account Number 5. An improperly prepared substrate, or even minute amounts of contaminants, can produce a compromised platinum coating regardless of the application method.

Shipping cost to Enagic hanebook shall be paid by customers. Perhaps the reason that Enagic does not use mesh is because they would be infringing upon patented technology by doing so, and solid can still be an effective method.

All distributors are also not permitted to carry out any acts which are prohibited by this Policies and Procedures. Enagic is a well-respected company in Japan amongst medical professionals and in the ionized water industry in Japan.

As such, these marks are of great value to the Company and are supplied on permissive, non-exclusive and terminable license basis to distributors for distributor use only in an expressly authorised manner exclusively in relation to the distribution of the Products of the Company. Electrospraying electrodeposition generally allows for a higher micron thickness, superior platinum adhesion and enaggic surface area due to the additional vertices.

Violation of the above is grounds for termination of the Agreement. See Google translate and also: Responsibility for Paying Taxes.

Please fill-in all relevant details as requested. A distributor shall not interfere with, harass or undermine other distributors and, at all times, shall respect the privacy and business interests of other distributors.

Judgment and Tax Enagif. Because the skins disrtibutor vegetables contain anthocyanins natural pH indicatorsplacing them into a high pH water causes the anthocyanins to dissolve into the water and change color similar to the way pH drops work. In fact, not a single published scientific paper has ever used an Enagic machine, but rather other water ionizers. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Taxes and Regulations Each distributor shall comply with all local taxes and regulations governing the sale of Company products or services. Notify me of new comments via email.

Myths and Facts about Enagic Distributor Claims – kangenfacts

That person will primarily function as a partial distributor in that although they are able to go out and sell machines, they will only receive partial Margin. All warranties on Company products hhandbook limited and non-transferable.

This booklet contains detailed information regarding the application procedure, as well as answers to general questions that you may have.

It is Company policy, however, to There are a number of studies on ionized water i. There is nothing novel about the power supply, electrode material, electrolysis design, etc. No one should be told to call the company. Contact Information Website Information We will maintain our distribitor website. Thank you Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Indicated below are the types of Electronic Funds Transfers available through. For Tokurei cancellations, kindly stated in the mail saying that is Tokurei cancellation.

Enagic has a large robust research and distribtuor team of PhD scientists who are industry leaders. No money is allowed to be exchanged in dealing with the water under any circumstances.

A person using the Tokurei plan will receive full Margin minus the amount withheld in the event of a machine sold and paid for in full. Worth, Texas [] fax email marketing innovativetech. Nor shall a distributor purchase, sell or distribute non-company materials which imply or suggest that said materials fnagic from the Company or are in any manner similar to the Products of the Company in functionality, purpose, utility dnagic otherwise.

Of course solid electrodes still work very well and there is nothing wrong with using them. Alteration to the logo in design or in handbooj physical form and usage is strictly prohibited. However, if one was to choose the SD initially, and then decided that they wanted any lower level machine, that would not be allowed under any circumstances.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download – Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Please input the total cost that the buyer is paying. The Company reserves the right to reject any applications for new distributorships. The above facts are important to be considered as they prevent people from being misled. We will provide services only if You first accept the terms. At one time they were shut down for 9 months and unable to do any business see: Accessories Sales Purchase Through The buyer cannot do the accessories purchase through phone.

The different buttons only increase or decrease the amount of power electricity sent to the plates. Change of Business Name. Start display at page:.

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Ltd then denominated The Company too and it More information. For the purposes of. The buyer must send the or fax the Supply Form and fill in accessories that they want to buy.

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