But for Stanley Woolley, commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron, the romance of Wolley believes the whole squadron will be dead within three months. Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson. Antonia Senior. April 13 , am, The Times. Derek Robinson&#;s novels are rooted in realism. He was shortlisted for the Booker for his novel about the RFC, Goshawk Squadron. This scant crumb from the table of the literary.

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This is historical fact.

Review: Hornet’s Sting by Derek Robinson | Books | The Guardian

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But this classic of war literature is also very funny, often painfully so; Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this is Derek Robinson’s masterly novel of the war in the air over the Western Front in The dogfights are carefully drawn and help to immerse the reader in the thick of the action.

With the proper remembrance of those who gave their lives on both sides, it’s worth reading Goshawk Squadron before talking of heroes. Feb 24, Nooilforpacifists rated it really liked it Shelves: Clearly one squadrn the better books I have read in some time. Would recommend as an antidote to anyone who loved Biggles as a boy. Quietly savage, funny and heartbreaking In the air at 50,or even 4, feet, there is no such thing as ‘honor’; only survival.

Goshawk Squadron

At just twenty-three, Major Stanley Woolley is the old man and commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron. Others praised it for showing the true nature of a war that was brutal mass slaughter and it was no different in the air to other services.

The commanding officer is Major Stanley Woolley, a cold, cruel, and sour taskmaster, training the squadron with brutality. It was a bleak and savage book, full of the terror of warfare and shot through with grim humour; a sort of first-world-war Catch Swashes buckle and cannon fire; young men die in ever more brutal detail.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. It then settles down, becoming a little more mundane. Horror of war RFC style.

Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson

Woolley, the squadron CO, a bitter cynical pilot who doubts the ability of the younger men to survive, watches his squadron land at the airfield – a darkly humorous episode that is both thought-provoking and well-written. This is more than just a novel about flying and more than an anti-war story. These were young, naive men subjected to just horrific realities, and Robinson brilliantly conveys the insanity of that situation This is right up there with Alexander Baron’s From the City, from the Plough.

Published September 29th by Robinson Publishing first published The biting humor and depiction of war is sharp as a razor.

Nov 25, Blake Hiatt rated it really liked it. The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. WW I aviation buffs.

He never congratulated; he frequently denounced. Robinson makes a revealing comment in the author’s note at the back: However, his ability quickly to find the core of their hopes and fears without slowing the action mitigated that “problem.

The number of minor characters, and the lack of differentiation between them for the early part of the book made these characters flat and pale. This novel is filled with comic gshawk, mischievous adventures, false court martials to avoid French Legal prosecution, ill-fated love and with no happy ending in site. He was a qualified rugby referee for over thirty years and is a life member of Bristol Society of Rugby Referees.

The savagery of war is not shirked and deaths are treated without sentiment or even dwelt upon. Open Preview See a Problem? Yet it is not to be forgotten that the night ends in a man’s death, and possibly a rape.

In this novel, the war above the trenches is just as grim, dirty, and pointless as the war in goshawkk trenches. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription. This article about a World War I novel is a stub. Squadrn 22, Rob Kitchin rated it squadrln liked it.

Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They go up every day and murder nice chaps like you.

Your subscription will end shortly. Interested in the differences. No wonder some veterans of the Royal Flying Corps were horrified after reading it. I would say it was better than Catch, myself.

Realizing how much he did love her, this shatters Woolley, who is incredibly relieved when she appears unharmed. The book was recognised at squacron time of its publication for its quality and was nominated for the Booker Prize for Fiction in And in its description of gosyawk flyers’ riotous, drunken night at a local restaurant the humour is as wild as anything in Waugh or Kingsley Amis.

It is very dark but I highly recommend this one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Well, he’s back here, suddenly popping up as a trainer in England, and then being sent over to France to fly with Hornet Squadron, equipped with Bristol F2As after having been nearly wiped out by flying the inferior Sopwith Pups.

The horrors of the trenches, the bombardments and fruitless battles over a few metres of land being far from your mind. You must look for him, because he’s always there.

Refresh and try again. Please update your billing details here. Fascinating behind the scenes of world war 1 flyers.