16 Nov This article will attempt to examine the provisions of the Intestate Succession Law , (PNDCL ) that could support Rahanda obtain. 21 Jan Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, ; Administration of Estates Act, ( Act 63); The Wills Act, (Act ); Intestate Succession. ity) Law (PNDC L). The laws are the latest in a series dating back to meant to change customary marriage and intestate succession laws in. Ghana.

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Thompson will end up sharing what she and her late husband toiled to acquire with the woman her husband had an affair with. Some have led to deaths. Title Deeds confer the legal title of property to named individuals, but other persons, such as minors and other legal incompetents, may have equitable interests, and trustees may hold equitable interests in property for other persons.

Mahama Regime Was Corrupt–Rawlings.

The Intestate Succession Law Does not Work in Some Parts of Ghana

The physical presence of a foreign testator in Ghana is required to make a written will. God Bless you for such work. The proposed Bill, however, does not make any amendments to this provision. Obviously, there will be chaos if this fraction idea is followed. These are high legal fees, delays with court action, ignorance of human rights and lack of knowledge on PNDCL Female and Male in West Africa.

Equitable or moral claims refer to those of dependants of the deceased or other persons for whom the deceased might reasonably have been expected to make provision.

Thompson could doubt her. Four interrelated reforms in the private law of Ghana were promulgated by the ruling Provisional National Defence Laaw P.

People’s Daily Graphic15 06, p. You cannot trust them in the same way you cannot trust your greedy family head to share your property.

A brother of the deceased man has a right to inherit the widow and all property of the deceased man. There are other challenging factors that deter women from seeking redress in court. After her husband died, a woman surfaced with a set of year old twins and claimed intrstate her late husband was the father of the boys.

DYING WITHOUT A WILL: When RIP means “Return If Possible!”

Re Ackom-Mensah [ ] 2 G. If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder or contact us for help. The Proposed Law introduced a requirement limiting the provision to those household utensils which the spouses and children had enjoyed with the deceased, but this was removed. This can, however, be rebutted by cogent evidence to show that a gift was never intended, and the husband wanted to retain a beneficial interest. Africa Investment Forum Section 3 of the PNDCL provides that the household chattels of the deceased who died without a will shall be distributed to the surviving spouse s and the children and they shall all have equal interests in them.

Intestate Succession Law, (PNDCL ).

How will the ghan chattels, for instance, be shared based on these fractions? A widow desires to keep a conflict-free relationship with their in-laws because if she has female children, they cannot marry without the consent of their patrilineal uncles and extended family.

A trustee can be appointed in the will by the testator to protect the interests of minors or persons not of legal age who inherit property in Ghana.

Thompson so no member of succesion family raised any objection. Hansen [ ] G. We are all obliged to abide by it. The argument would apply equally to the efficiency of a market in land with or without a system of title registration. Lusophone Africa Sets Sight On. The Circuit and District Courts may also deal with inheritance issues if the value involved does not exceed their statutory limits. Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol.

The Intestate Succession Law Does not Work in Some Parts of Ghana

Women like Rahanda will have to be bolder to seek redress in courts amidst all the challenges so that customary families will be deterred from adhering to their succession plans that disinherit widows and children.

The Accountant-General, in turn, informs the Attorney-General, who publishes the accountsannounces the completion of the sucession of the estate, intextate calls on claimants to present their petitions to court on legal, equitable, or moral grounds.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. The provision also stipulates that all these items shall be given to the spouse s and children absolutely.

Enter your login email address and instructions for resetting your password will be sent. There were many published discussions of particular issues. He acquired his PhD three years before he died. The testator must sign or acknowledge his signature in the presence of two or more witnesses who are present at the same time. The matrilineal family system, on the other hand, is practised mainly by the Akans, Tampolense and some parts of northern Ghana.

One does not need a prophet to predict confusion here.