Jan Valtin was the alias of Richard Julius Hermann Krebs, a German writer during the interwar period. He settled to the United States in , and in 23 Nov Out of the Night will be misused in many quarters. Jan Valtin came of age as a bicycle messenger during a Communist uprising on the. 28 Sep I doubt whether anyone could be found who would seriously claim that the contents of Jan Valtin’s Out of the Night were not to be treated with.

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Life made a sudden, unexpected turn when, one afternoon inhis cousin, who eventually became the Chief of the Ontario, California, Police Department, talked him into riding along during a patrol shift.

Val- tin’s autobiography, written without literary flourishes or striving for propaganda effects, grips the reader’s interest from page to page far more effectively than the wildest and most sensational fiction. Mar 14, Rex Hurst rated it really liked it. His wife and sons live in this coun- try.

Jan Valtin (Author of Out of the Night)

The little known fact–again, especially having in mind the younger generations–is that thousands of passionate and influential adherents to the world communist movement chucked it in upon learning something similar. One of the most interesting books of the 20th century. When he stops marching onwards, he decays. Conversely, those organizations which in the eye of philistines seemed insignificant and hopeless enter the arena. To answer those sincere otu im- portant questions, mr. Enthused by the idealism of the communist cause tye participates in much picketing, strike organizing, outright sabotage, mutiny, and open rebellion ie vwltin doomed Hamburg uprising of Dear fan, I don’t know if you remember me, probably not, it seems a million years since Full text of ” The truth about Jan Valtin.

Many people–especially those coming of age after the Cold War–have probably never heard of the Communist International or Comintern in Soviet newspeak.

I still remember that he did something extremely decent valitn me, something which only very few people would be ready to do. And this is a book by a man who experienced from the inside the dominant isms—communism, socialism, national socialism. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That it never did, grows throughout the book into a sort of sorrowful amazement rather than a passionate anger.

Work served there for seven years, investigating crimes as a patrolman, thf and patrol sergeant.

Only those who can assimilate into the very marrow of their bones the valtiin of the ideological struggle can ever hope od emulate the example of the Russian Bolsheviks. But in politics as in personal life those men and women who for one reason or another fail to learn anything at all from their own rich, even if cruel experience become invariably transformed into dupes, frauds or bankrupts. The result is a dismal sense of futility buoyed up by a pessimistic snicker and a monstrous vanity de- void of conceit.

John G. Wright: Jan Valtin – Out of the Fight ()

Get your hands on this book and read it. It was I who unwrapped the San Quentin package, and hid behind a post to read your lessons, enthralled with your vivid sea stories.

To be sure, all defeats take their toll. Regardless of your politics, the story of Valtin’s life is a c There are a lot of reasons not to read this book which was on the best seller list in The Los Angeles court record revealed that the crime had no political purpose.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This was like a blast from the past, the same feeling which I had when, at a literary cocktail party at the Finnish consulate in Manhattan a few years ago, I spoke with a woman who described her experiences as a child during the Finnish-Russian war in He is interested in mankind; and he privately despises its puny antics.

Details “This is a historical document of the first rank, a biography, an adventure story, and in places, so it seems, a brisk novel. Nothing can substitute for this.

Writing at age 36 under the name Jan Valtin, Krebs lays bare a young life filled with idealism and devotion—disillusionment and loss—in a world full of revolutionary promise gone immeasurably wrong.

The first duty of any man who aspires to call himself a communist is to fight for a correct political line. After all, Krebs-Valtin has per- formed a pu blic service and given democracy an intellectual weapon. We sincerely believe that you owe it to yourself to learn, from [an Valtin, how Democracy’s enemies are working overtime to “divide and baltin the United States. It’s widely available used for a few dollars.

The leading characters that pass fo the pages of his book are semi-fictionalized, semi-factual thumb-nail sketches of men and women who — in the interval between World War I nibht World War II — began as revolutionists. The hat is cool, unruffled — so is the Redacteur.

Jan Valtin

valtinn T have already pasted several newspaper clippings iii it. He coolly uses its earnestness, folly and absurdity to serve his own ends.

It tests an hitherto untried form of large-scale transpori sabotage. I made the acquaintance of your Father in Singapore in and His capacity for adaptation gives the impression that he has ouf world gripped by its throat and tail. Among the events to which he refers in his book are: Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: He later became a decorated American soldier, dying in the early s of pneumonia in a Maryland hospital while rambling about might Nazis, he then being a PTA president.

Now available in Kindle Edition. Incidentally, in Out of the Night Richard Jensen is identified as the key Comintern figure in the Danish Communist Party, which in turn gave him a strong power base in respect to the official party leadership of Aksel Larsen.

On the record before us it appears he has been completely untrustworthy and amoral. Get updates from AK Press Sign up! Prolonged exposure to the worst of people and people at their worst can soon make him believe that the world is a sewer. Fleming, The Anti-Communist Uan. Mar 18, Human Neglect rated it it was amazing Shelves: Krebs claims to have nan the Russian Communist and German National Socialist parties and lived to tell about it for or so lurid pages.

Ostensibly an international organization working towards world communism, Valtin, one of its more passionate and active members, gradually learns that it is little more than an arm of the Soviet GPU–the predecessor of the KGB.