6 Jun Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch – Glossary of Terms. uri Jun 6, #1 . I don’t remember where I’ve found it and who is the author but he definitely did. Pawn Power in Chess has 88 ratings and 6 reviews. Gary said: This book gives great insight into the strategies one should employ based on the type of paw. I’m reading the book, and adding the games in the book for reference of other uses who also enjoy to read the book, while using

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Unfree pawn Pawn with a counterpawn. For example, when I come across the terms ram, lever, and duo, etc. Sign pwan using Email and Password. Dan rated it liked it Mar 26, Aug 23, 4.

For exemplary works on how monographs on specific openings should be written, anything by John Cox. But you have to admit that, in his day, Kmoch was trying to put words to ideas that, at that time, had not been well explored.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Triad A group of three pawns including a non-isolated twin, e. Nevertheless, any reasonably serious chess player should be capable of easily learning descriptive notation. Dec 8, 5. Centerswap A capture from and to the d- or e-file that produces a doubled pawn.

Bauchui rated it it was amazing Jul 27, The point, and value of Kmoch’s terminology is that of attempting to improve the efficiency of communicating structures, positional concepts and ideas. Sneaker An unfree pawn or faker that may become a passer through a sacrificial combination.

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Thematic tactics are also shown in certain structures, and the addition of illustrative games shows how the principles take shape in actual games. Finally, there was an algebraic edition of Kmoch’s book published in by American Chess Promotions.

Counterpawn Directly opposing pawn.

Author Post time Subject Direction: This profoundly original and stimulating book by an International Master and prolific chess paqn offers superb instruction in pawn play by isolating its elements and elabora “One of the few books…which, at a glance, one can recognize as an immortal. References to this book Computers in Crisis No preview available – Chess Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

Cross lever Four immediately and directly opposing pawns, two of each color, e.

Loose duo A duo not in contact with an opposing pawn s. I don’t remember where I’ve found it and who is the author but he definitely did a good job! He is also slightly guilty in forgetting that we are not all strong chess players and lets his exercises get over the heads of those who are not chess masters.

I do not have Soltis’ book, so I was curious to know if anyone has read it and if it is similar to Kmoch’s book? It does take dedication and perseverance to get through it what worthwhile chess book doesn’tbut the results are well worth it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Pawn Power in Chess – Hans Kmoch – Google Books

Innerpawn Pawn on one of the files b-g. All, perhaps, a bit old fashioned these days but I would rate all three as being an effective, painless and indeed very enjoyable way of improving your chess! Reduces chances for levers and opens a file.

Stopsquare, stop The square directly in front of a pawn. Finally, there was an algebraic edition of Kmoch’s book published in by American Chess Promotions ref my post 31 above.

However the book from which I learnt most, given to me on my 14th birthday, was Golombek’s “Capablanca’s best games”. Jerry Monaco rated it liked it Nov 12, What you don’t seem to get nowadays are books like X’s Best Games, properly annotated with commentary. Chain lever Adjacent levers in a diagonal formation, where the respective headpawns attack the base of the opposing chain, e.

Undoubling, Doubling Mkoch creation or plwer of a double pawn formation. Oct 18, Gary Patella rated it it was amazing. Quart Four horizontal friendly pawns. And, I submit, there is no better book than “Pawn Power Lee Shorter side of the horizontal beam of the pawn cross.

Quartgrip Prototype of the siege. A formation of four vs. I enjoyed it when I was rated about