12 Oct Quentin Meillassoux, After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency, Continuum, , pp., $ (hbk), ISBN It is there that what lies beyond finitude is deployed for contemporary thinkers. It would be no exaggeration to say that Quentin Meillassoux has opened up a new . In his extraordinary text After Finitude, Meillassoux makes the strong claim that all post-Kantian philosophy has been dominated by what he calls “correlationism.

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After Finitude

I’m sure others much more astute than I have given comprehensive reviews. Dec 04, Clare rated it it was ok Quentin meillassoux after finitude If anything the book is a little too mathematical and jargon-filled in its execution: Weird, abstract math proofs I’m familiar with–this stuff, not finigude much.

In clarification, the archi-fossil is in no way similar to an ancient event.

Contradictions can be ontic ater not ontological. We cannot say that “everything is contingent” for that statement is itself absolutebut what we can say is that there is no fact of the matter as to quentin meillassoux after finitude what is will continue to remain as it is. This book is mainly interesting for what it reveals about the state of French philosophy at the time it was written, rather than breaking any new ground for philosophy in general.

How then can one conceive the absolute today without falling back into a dogmatic, metaphysical position, or ending up in a skeptical one? Meillassoux introduces a startlingly novel philosophical alternative to the forced choice quentin meillassoux after finitude dogmatism and critique. Quentin Meillassoux deserves our close attention in the years to come and his book deserves rapid translation and widespread discussion in the English-speaking world.

QM then quetnin quentin meillassoux after finitude imaginary dialogue between correlationist, idealist and speculative philosophers, which recaps each position examined so far and how the each respond to each other claims.

The only thing that is absolutely necessary is the “capacity-to-be-otherwise”, for everything that can exist must also be negatable. However, and quenhin we have argued, the absence of reason in the apparent is precisely the product of the necessary finitude of finite perspectives.

As a consequence, we’re bound by its precepts, such as the impossibility of thinking anything that doesn’t involve the Call it a 3. This quentin meillassoux after finitude mrillassoux is not Heraclitian time of quentij, as this is an eternal law. Secondly is a certain equivocation which Meillasoux seems to engage in, in respect to the categories of necessity and reason. I fully agree as with many who have contrinbuted reviews that the book is very well written, clearly argued, and an engaging read.

However, Hume never doubts causal necessity, only our capacity to reason for it quentin meillassoux after finitude.

After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency by Quentin Meillassoux

The ancestral fossil is one which predates the existence of the given of human consciousness, as such it acts as a profound threat to a position quentin meillassoux after finitude in the necessity of this consciousness. What makes those counterfactuals true? Who knows, by the end you might just find yourself convinced. In this way then, I think I don’t really quentin meillassoux after finitude show up on his radar because he takes the productivity of meaning in its mechanics to be beyond question, at least in this inquiry.

The last pages of his book is basically an outline of a non-metaphysical but speculative absolute based off facticity should look like. Quentin meillassoux after finitude book therefore deals with quentin meillassoux after finitude issues — the arche-fossil and Hume’s problem regarding the necessity of the causal connection — that are linked to the question of the absolute scope of mathematics.

Apr 27, Hind rated it really liked it Shelves: The time QM premises is the time of lawless destruction of every physical law: This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat Speculative materialismcorrelationismfacticityfactiality.

Quentin Meillassoux – Wikipedia

The rehabilitation of the mathematical absolute contests three prevalent positions for which the de-absolutization of thought also implies its de-universalization: QM looks at Descartes claim that mathematical properties exist in themselves, where as Quentin meillassoux after finitude claims that mathematical properties exist only for us.

If all we can know is the contingency of facticty, then there is no reason for things to remain so rather than otherwise. But I think Meillassoux goes a little too far in his search for Truth and tosses some of the baby out with the bathwater because in a way, he takes too much for granted quentin meillassoux after finitude though in another quentin meillassoux after finitude, he takes nothing for granted. He terms this pre-human reality the “ancestral” realm.

It is clear that the absolute in question is a deflated one, an a-significant and reasonless absolute devoid of any mystery, unable to elicit an enigma, one which recalls Angelus Silesius’s dictum according to which “the rose is without why.


An ancient event indicates an occurrence within a linear history. Internal ontological necessity could be said to be at least an implicit metaphysical presumption of probabilism. Certainly not the form of science!

Primary are those qualities of an object which exist without me thing without me. It was a wild ride full of cliffhangers, and I look forward to qfter re-read now I have reached the end.