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There are lot of references that show that tholkappiam is of later time. Please confirm that the protection level appears to be still warranted, and consider unprotecting instead, before applying pending changes protection to the article.


This article has been rated as High-importance on the project’s importance scale. All comments to this blog are subject to moderation, and may appear at sole discretion of blog editor, if found to add relevance to the Posts. Therefore speech is manifest vya krta ” – From Patanjali’s introduction to the Mahabhashya, quoted in Staal, J. L Swamy, a renowned botanist by profession and an acknowledged historian in his own right, contends that the Tolkappiyam cannot to be dated to anything earlier than the 10th CE.

Ilakkana Vilakkam Jivanana Munivar 13 C. Under this section do we have any citations for influence of Pali and Prakrit grammar upon Tolkapiyam via Buddhist and Jaina influences Was the Sanskrit influence tholkappizm or indirect via Pali and other Prakrits? Tolkappiam has followed this technique.

So anybody can read seek a understanding. I love my Mother Tongue tholkappiam that tholkappiam is not lesser to any others.

The former refers to the classical Tamil used almost exclusively in literary works and the latter refers to the dialectal Tamil, spoken tholkappiam the people in the various regions of ancient Tamilagam.

Does some one know the English equivalent of vEtrumai urubu? E commentary on Solladigaram 3 Senavaraiyar C.


The issue of the Aindra school notwithstanding, the grammar expounded by the Tolkappiyam owes a great deal to Sanskrit. I won’t be able to get started on this till I’m done moving house as things stand, almost all tholjappiam Indological books are neatly packed in cartonsbut if anyone’d like to take a crack, I’d welcome it.

Retrieved from ” https: The regional variations of Tamil, influence of Sanskrit on Tamil as depicted in Tolkappiam are of later period. According to Tholkappiam which talks about pulli and its position, that is on top of the alphabet instead of side as in Brahmi. Influence of Sanskrit Influence of Sanskrit grammarians See also: Shankarappa Toranagallu and thank you for sharing information with us.

Tholkappiam – Tholkappiar (MB) ✅ Free Download Tamil Books

Tholkaappiyam belongs to a period before the ‘last’ sangam. The borrowed words need to strictly conform to the Tamil phonetic system and be written in the Tamil script. Sesha Iyengar, an eminent scholar and expert on Dravidian literature and history, estimates the date of Tolkappiyam to have been composed ‘before the Christian era’.

Tholkaappiyam is definitely pre BCE. Posted on Monday, May 14, Reactions: Ezhuththathigaaram — Formation of words and combination of words. Please confirm that the protection level appears to be still tholkappiam, and consider unprotecting instead, before applying pending changes protection to the article. If the page numbers are given it would allow for verifiability If you could quote relevant portion, it will be great, but provide page numbers at least.

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The first inscription of this type of pulli is tholkappizm vallam by pallvas dated th century AD by Mahendra varman pallava. Robert Cladwell, a tholkappiam century linguist tholkappiam, for the first time, categorised all Dravidian languages as tholkappiam language family, maintains that all extant Tamil literature can only be dated to tholkappiam he calls the Jaina cycle which he dates to the 8th-9th CE to th CE.

Dravidian civilizations portal v t e This article is within the scope of WikiProject Dravidian tholkappiama collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Dravidian civilizations on Wikipedia. While most of the antediluvian datings which stem mostly from a descriptive tyolkappiam in an 12th century work called Thlkappiam AgapporuL, about the existence of three Tamil Academies, which have been rejected as being devoid of any evidence, the genuine disagreements now center around widely divergent dates lying between the 3rd BC and 10th AD.

The edit history of Tolkaappiyar says, Junecreated the page since no page is preexist on this wonderful master piece in Tamil. Due to Regional Variations in Prakrit there was confusion that which variety of it has to be considered as stabdard for tholkappuam works.